May 26, 2015

Property and financial settlement

If you are ending your marriage or civil partnership it is usual to have a legally binding financial order in place at the point at which the divorce or dissolution is finalised.

In mediation, you and your ex can disclose full details of your finances, including all your assets and liabilities and income and expenditure.

Our experienced mediators will support you to discuss how you want to go about creating two households out of one, exploring your options before making a final decision. The end result will need to meet the expectations of the court, in that your children’s needs must be put first and that the final agreement is fair.

Our mediators do this in two ways: facilitating the conversation between you and your ex, so you can talk through and listen to each other’s ideas; and also by providing information to support your discussions.

Before making a final agreement, you can discuss any proposals with your solicitor or independent financial advisor, to help with your decision-making.

Once final agreement is reached, we will prepare the appropriate documents for you to take to a solicitor who can then prepare an appropriate legally binding document.

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Where we work

We offer appointments in a number of different locations across London, including: Camden, Clapham, Croydon, Hackney, Haringey and Lewisham.