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Family mediation

Our family mediation service is for separated couples across London, who are ceasing to cohabit; divorcing; or dissolving their civil partnership, and who to need make arrangements for the future care and welfare of their children and/or make a financial agreement.


Dialogue mediation specialises in mediation and conflict intervention training from the transformative perspective. We provide FMC accredited family mediation foundation training; OCN accredited mediation skills training and training in self-managed conflict

Neighbour mediation

Our neighbour mediation service is for tenants of social landlords, who are experiencing nuisance issues with each other, such as noise, that they want to address.


Conflict is a fact of life

We recognise that while conflict can create difficult situations, tackling it is an opportunity to create real and lasting change. We provide mediation services for separated parents and for couples who are divorcing or dissolving a civil partnership. We also work to help improve society’s understanding and use of mediation. Founded in 1994, we have 22 years’ experience of supporting people in conflict. Our mission is to support people in conflict to find their own solutions through dialogue.

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